Example files & data sets

If you have downloaded the complete distribution pack, the “Cupertino” example file is already included. Otherwise get data sets from this page.

Sample Building:
Cupertino_MrComfy.3dm.zip (Rhino5 file)

Small two-storey office building simulated for the climate of Berlin, Germany. The schematic design features cell offices in a circular configuration, aligned around a glazed courtyard. No optimizations were performed on this building; analysis shows that weak points are especially the fully glazed yard, which makes both A/C and heating energy consumption spike, as well as the large plate glass walls on top of the staircases. Use the file to get acquainted with how Mr.Comfy behaves with multiple input metrics.Spatio-temporal map of air temperature averages, plotted for each monthMonthly zone air temperature averages, “Cupertino” sample building, from 6 to 20.00 hours daily schedule. Air temperature variations are in line with the solar & interior gains distribution as well as energy expenditure shown on the front page & features page images.

EnergyPlus files, conditioned run with heating & cooling, climate: Berlin, DE

Cupertino_MrComfy.eio.zip (E+ invariant output file)

(csv results file from E+ readvarsESO subprogramme, same as included in download pack, 10 variables)

(csv results file, extended data pack, 16 report variables incl. the ones in download pack)

Alternate data set, subtropical climate: Ft.Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Simulation with calculated natural ventilation and no A/C, use Berlin run *.eio

Daysim & DIVA climate-based daylight results files, climate: Berlin, DE
Both low- and high resolution results grid and Daysim raw results file packs containing *.ill and *.pts files are provided; use Daysim raw files with Mr.Comfy’s daylight visualization component- yet be careful, the high res set takes quite some processing power.

Schedule 8 – 18.00 hrs, no shading


Weather data for Berlin, DE

Weather data for Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA