Loading results files, selecting zones & metrics

A matching pair of *.csv (exclusively containing zone, not surface data) and *.eio files has to be provided for Mr.Comfy to parse available zones and reporting variables. Set their file paths via the provided *.eio/*.csv Grasshopper path objects (eio_filePath, csv_filePath) that are connected to the parser (1). Mr.Comfy then executes and reports report variables contained in the *.csv and the available model zones and their access indices / zone ids in the panel “Available Model Zones & Access Indices” / “Available Reporting Variables” (2).

To select which zones and variable should be processed for display, use the panels “Input Zone Indices” / “Set Report Variables” to set a multiline string of zone / report variable id numbers; the “to” keyword to select zone ranges is allowed (e.g. 1,2,3,8 to 12, 22 etc.) (3). Only one report variable can be selected for display per Mr.Comfy component, however as of Mr.Comfy 0.21 you can use the metrics prototyping functionality to mathematically combine report outputs and create new, “hybrid” variables. Both current zone and report variable selection are reported in panels adjacent to the available input panels.

At this stage, zones and variables are set, but no surfaces are yet referenced in Grasshopper for custom display- see the next section, “Specifying display surfaces”.