Conditional percentage mapping

Frequency mapping mode checks for the percentage of hours during the specified time range and schedule that fall between the frequency condition high and low bounds (frequency_condition_lowbound, frequency_condition_highbound) (1), including their respective values. It is toggled by selecting frequency_bounds in the average_sum_or_freq_mode (2) panel.

Selecting frequency_single instead uses the lowbound input number as an absolute check, meaning it will return the frequency of hours within the selected schedule and time range that the report variable value is exactly the condition value. This is useful to e.g. check against custom conditional user variable values generated through expressions, or to check for errors in occupancy inputs by mapping “0 sensible people heat gains”.

Frequency mode selection works identically in both Mr.Comfy thermal and daylight components.

Unlike averages, sums mapping and peak discovery, frequency mode always operates directly on the hourly source data; picking different reporting frequencies through the reporting_frequency switch does therefore only facilitate the quick setting of report time ranges. Hourly selection mode ignores the input schedule, while all others allow scheduling. Frequency mode does not currently support “peak frequency mode” lookup.

Also, no summing, averaging or the like is performed; therefore only input bounds conditions that are reasonable for the hourly source data, e.g. temperature ranges to check occupant comfort, are applicable. Custom display bounds, unit conversion and normalization are disabled for frequency mode, as it directly checks the hourly data stream before any other operations are perfomed.