IBPSA NYC Chapter Mr.Comfy presentation posted for download

The presentation PDF of my NYC talk on Mr.Comfy is available for download or viewing on Scribd; it’s been a very enjoyable experience and I thank Pallavi Mantha and the IBPSA NYC chapter for this opportunity- and the entire Team at the EPFL who were such brilliant hosts when I presented it there the first […]

Mr.Comfy EPFL/IDEAS presentation, BSO14

Proud to report that Mr.Comfy will travel to the EPFL Lausanne with me, where I’ll hold a talk on spatial performance mapping in conceptual architectural design: http://actu.epfl.ch/news/ideas-seminar-14-april-2014/. Here’s the poster (that is sure better than conference posters noone reads): http://ideas.epfl.ch/files/content/sites/ideas/files/Seminaires/140417_IDEAS-Max-lt.jpg It will give me a chance to showcase some more of the spatial EnergyPlus and […]

Mr.Comfy 0.2 released (daylight co-visualization)

Two different climate-based daylight mapping dot overlays on thermal data; frequency & average mapping shown with annual total zone cooling energy use It has been a while since I had the chance to publish another version of the tool, and the feature I ended up putting in first again now somewhat surprised me, because originally […]

3d-printed energy models with Mr.Comfy & DIVA4Rhino

In the past classes hosted at the TU Berlin’s 3d lab, heavy use was made of rapid prototyping technology to create artifacts that show more than geometry only. Since architects think in models as well as drawings, it appeared to make sense to directly embed simulation data in physically manipulable ones, instead of just working […]

Mapping expectations / class impressions #3

The various class formats we experimented with through the years were in part always about how heuristic design thinking can be underpinned by simulation models as cognitive tools. It’s therefore a good exercise to finally be able to contrast performance expectations with actual mappings of simulation model outputs in a spatial format- centered around question/assumption […]

Mr.C on the E+ site! / Mr.C Whitepaper

Thanks to a friendly E+ team member who picked up my announce post on the bldg-sim list (thanks again!), Mr.Comfy has made its way onto the EnergyPlus tools directory: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/energyplus/other_tools.cfm. I hope that quite a few more people will start using it- not aware of many just yet, apart from the class participants and a […]

Thermal mapping class impressions #2

When we first started with the test class, I was wondering how the different mode of visualizing thermal results data would make an impact on performance understanding. We’d intensively worked with traditional line, bar, flood etc. charts/plots in previous classes, of course, and always observed that the extra level of abstraction- how to understand what’s […]

Mr.Comfy 0.19 released

0.19 makes it possible to select time ranges that wrap around- yes, truly revolutionary coding at work here. You can now happily select all winter in one go, and map to your heart’s content. What made this the slightest bit tricky is that Python lists do not really wrap around when your last item access […]

AirFlowNetwork air change rate visualizations

I’ve never gotten around to posting about this until now, but when I first previewed the Mr.Comfy beta, my colleague Raoni Venancio – whose great work (Building Simulation 2011 paper, PDF) on how simulation influences design processes has been one of my frequent cites – remarked that it might be great to visualize air change […]