System & Data Requirements

Mr.Comfy only runs on Rhino5 and requires Grasshopper and its Python plugin to be installed. There is no version for Rhino4, nor will there be. Also, Mr.comfy is *not* a thermal simulation software, only a results visualization, analysis & thermal/daylight metrics prototyping suite.

Software requirements:

- Thermal simulation software running EnergyPlus (on-site list)
- EnergyPlus installation (unless already performed by your simulation software)
- Rhinoceros3d 5, Grasshopper3d, Python for Grasshopper3d
- A heavy-duty text file processor, e.g. Notepad++
- Daysim (e.g. running via DIVA4Rhino) to generate daylight data

Files needed to create visualizations from simulation runs:

- EnergyPlus standard output file: *.eso
- E+ invariant output file: *.eio
- E+ “rvi” file to specify which report variables to put in a *.csv: *.rvi
- User or software-generated hourly, annual *.csv (comma-separated value) file of results
- Daysim *.pts and *.ill daylight data files (if you want to visualize daylight)

Only full-year, hourly time step *.csv files are supported. The creation of custom *.csv files is covered in the tutorials.