Mr.Comfy is written and maintained by me, Max. I’m an architect, design & building science researcher, (adjunct) lecturer at a few institutions in Berlin and a consultant at Buro Happold Engineering.  If you’d like to be in touch, just drop me a line – max[~]spacesustainers.org – or connect with me on Linkedin.

If you need some background on me,  please view my full design & academic research portfolio on issuu.com (full spread view), scribd (single page view), or directly download it from this server (PDF, 95mb).

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small_IMAG5168Students interactively visualize simulation data of their own designs, winter 2013 @ TU Berlin

The idea to create Mr.Comfy and release it into the wild was formed during ~3 years of teaching thermal & daylight simulation to architectural design students, performed by colleagues and me at the TU (see the resulting bibliography). Simply put, performance representations in design don’t work as in “pure” building science; we saw that spatial data representations and hybrid drawings of form & performance enable a far greater understanding of simulation results and design intent than non-spatial visualizations. This has been understood in the literature for quite some time, too, but there are few tools openly available to this end- so here you go.


Thank you for your kind support: Alstan Jakubiec, Christoph Reinhart, Farshad Nasrollahi, Claus Steffan, Matthias Ballestrem, the DIVA team, Marilyne Andersen. Much thanks to my beta testers Katerina & Alstan.

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