Features: Static & dynamic energy metrics mapping

Spatial map of zone transmitted solar, people average heat gain and radiant temperaturesMr.Comfy is built to visualize thermal zone energy metrics in architectural or climate-based daylight simulation models.

What it can do:

- Spatial color-mapping of any EnergyPlus *.csv zone report variable
- Thermal metrics prototyping through custom user expressions
- Spatial (co-)mapping & analysis of Daysim daylight results
- Automatic generation of fitted or custom color gradient bounds
- Interactive hourly scheduling & custom report time ranges
- Generate averages or sums and find minima & maxima
- Map percentages of hours that meet custom conditions

Some of the questions you can answer with it:

- Which exact spaces use the most energy?
- What is the spatial distribution of internal and external gains?
- How are environmental loads, energy use, comfort and daylight connected, and how do they change seasonally?

The right-hand image shows a multi-variable mapping of solar gains, internal gains and radiant temperatures; taken from the same simulations as the front-page image, it pinpoints the underlying factors of heating and cooling energy use.