EnergyPlus documentation:

See especially the Input/Output reference (pdf) for zone report variable descriptions and instructions on how to use ReadVarsESO.exe to generate custom *.csv files (p.1930 ff).

Daysim documentation: (main Daysim download / reference site) (interface for Daysim; forum with many daysim-specific Q&A threads)

Mr.Comfy-specific presentations, incl. case studies and sample workflows:

Spatial Analysis of Thermal and Daylight Simulation Data with Mr.Comfy (PDF, incl. feature overview)
Presentation for IBPSA-USA NYC regional chapter talk series “Innovative Ways to Visualize Building Performance Data”, New York City, NY, USA

Mr.Comfy whitepaper (PDF, in German)
Edited version of a software competition entry; demos an optimization workflow of a sample building