Mr.Comfy New Features Presentation posted

By | August 15, 2014

I’m excited to have been given the opportunity by Baumann Consulting USA’s Denver, CO office to put together a little overview & new features slide set presented to their US energy modeling team. You can download the whole presentation here (PDF, 20mb), titled “Not (only) Visualization: Model-embedded Simulation Data Analysis + Metrics Prototyping with Mr.Comfy”.

As the title suggests, the presentation touches on the new variable prototyping feature by showing a few experimental new metrics such as “Discomfort Solar Gains” and “Multivariable Heat Discomfort”, which were generated in Mr.Comfy from existing variable data through custom expressions and are especially applicable for shading design and unmet load hour explorations. A lot of the custom metrics discovery work is ongoing, so no claim to super metrics discovery fame here, but I still consider them interesting enough to merit sharing them with a wider audience.

Multivariable Heat Discomfort Spatial Mapping of EnergyPlus custom metrics variableSpatial Visualization of Daylight Intensity (log) Distribution and Custom Variable “Multivariable Heat Discomfort”. Monthly breakdowns, occupied hours only.

I will make a more detailed blog post about the metrics in the time to come, however from the few additional tests I’ve made so far it is obvious (at least to me) that stringing together multiple operators to e.g. have the analysis default to the most severe comfort indicator in a group of several makes sense, as they all react differently to individual influences such as activity, radiant temperatures etc.

As another result from the talk, improvements in workflow and imports has definitely made it more strongly onto my agenda; there were plans to add direct *.idf and *.eso parsing, anyways, but good to have this requested from a professional consulting audience, too. Thanks once again to Amir Bazkiaei of Baumann US for the invitation, I’ve had a lot of fun and hope to see some results generated by the team with Mr.C in the future.