Daylight Models in the Daylighting Handbook I

By | July 29, 2014

I’m completely stoked that the esteemed Prof. Christoph Reinhart of MIT’s Sustainable Design Lab has included rapid-prototyped physical daylight metrics models created in some of my past classes at the TU Berlin into his recently released book, “Daylighting Handbook I, Fundamentals: Designing with the Sun“.

Thank you, Christoph, it’s a big honor! If you, dear reader, are into daylight simulation, I can’t recommend Christoph’s work highly enough- as the father of Daysim, everyone in the field is probably using his software in some shape or form. Please support him by possibly adding that book to your library, and also check out MIT’s Daylighting OpenCourseWare class, which makes a huge contribution to making information about daylighting in buildings available to a wide audience.

Daylighting Handbook  I RP model shot

Rapid-prototyped Physical Daylight Model with Embedded DAv 300 Metric; design & modeling: Piotr Jardzioch, Jakub Sobiczewski; Prototyping: M C Doelling. Book snapshot courtesy of A Jakubiec.