Ongoing site / doc. updates for 0.21 release

By | June 13, 2014

[Edit: 0.21 is out. Blog post/announce etc. later]

As 0.21 is almost done, adds a few new features and will be released soon, you will see the documentation, input glossary etc. undergo some gradual updates in the coming time- hence not all the stuff described in the docs will refer to the still current 0.20 version- sorry for any confusion this may cause. I’ll push the update out as soon as I can, hopefully before BSO14.

What will be in 0.21?

- Custom thermal metrics prototyping through user expressions
- Independent daylight mode (no thermal data / workarounds needed anymore)
- Updated VIPER thermal parser to work with daylight tools
- log daylight display
- Single frequency mode for thermal & daylight components
- Thermal display performance increases (up to ~3x and beyond)