Mr.C on the E+ site! / Mr.C Whitepaper

By | November 16, 2013

Thanks to a friendly E+ team member who picked up my announce post on the bldg-sim list (thanks again!), Mr.Comfy has made its way onto the EnergyPlus tools directory:

I hope that quite a few more people will start using it- not aware of many just yet, apart from the class participants and a few engineering firms (but then no idea to what extent it’s being utilized). I could say now “it’s great and apparently has no bugs, so few people are in touch”, or… naw. It cannot be anything else. Of course.

Also added a new whitepaper publication to the bibliography. It’s the modified version of a contribution for an “IT in the AEC industry” competition, so I might as well get a mini paper out of it. German version only right now, but I guess a publication about Mr.C is coming up in ’14 anyways.