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Mr.Comfy in IBPSA News 24 4

It’s a great (late to be posted here!) pleasure to announce that IBPSA once again published an article written by me about the latest Mr.Comfy installment released this summer. Read the full article here:┬áSpecial thanks again to Christina Hopfe, who has graciously supported this project for quite some time now – it’s a great […]

Mr.Comfy Call for Example Work

A shot into the dark, this, but since Mr.Comfy has been out there for about a year by now, I’d be very curious what other professionals have created in terms of analysis and/or visualization with the software. If you would like to share results to be published on this site and shared with a wider […]

IBPSA NYC video posted | Update Schedule

The video grab of my talk “Spatial Analysis of Thermal and Daylight Simulation Data with Mr.Comfy” has finally been made available on the IBPSA NYC chapter’s Vimeo channel. You can download the full slide set here. I would once again like to take this opportunity to thank Pallavi Mantha of the IBPSA NYC chapter for […]

Mr.Comfy New Features Presentation posted

I’m excited to have been given the opportunity by Baumann Consulting USA’s Denver, CO office to put together a little overview & new features slide set presented to their US energy modeling team. You can download the whole presentation here (PDF, 20mb), titled “Not (only) Visualization: Model-embedded Simulation Data Analysis + Metrics Prototyping with Mr.Comfy”. […]

Daylight Models in the Daylighting Handbook I

I’m completely stoked that the esteemed Prof. Christoph Reinhart of MIT’s Sustainable Design Lab has included rapid-prototyped physical daylight metrics models created in some of my past classes at the TU Berlin into his recently released book, “Daylighting Handbook I, Fundamentals: Designing with the Sun“. Thank you, Christoph, it’s a big honor! If you, dear […]

BSO’14 Paper & Optimization Case Study

Top floor monthly average zone air temperatures (daytime schedule), original studio design state by Christopher Sitzler & Laura de Pedro. It has been a long time in the making, but I’ve finally presented my paper “Space-Based Thermal Metrics Mapping for Conceptual Low-Energy Architectural Design” (yes, a mouthfull of a title, that) at Building Simulation & […]

Ongoing site / doc. updates for 0.21 release

[Edit: 0.21 is out. Blog post/announce etc. later] As 0.21 is almost done, adds a few new features and will be released soon, you will see the documentation, input glossary etc. undergo some gradual updates in the coming time- hence not all the stuff described in the docs will refer to the still current 0.20 […]

Environmental Performance Intent & Simulation Data Visualization (Case Study)

One of the primary drivers behind the development of Mr.Comfy has always been the idea that by making the invisible visible in a spatial format, design performance thinking and its underlying mental models can be enriched to gain greater intuition (or “tacit” knowledge) – which then aids the construction of explicit knowledge, as e.g. argued […]

Spatial EnergyPlus visualization optimization class result 02

It’s been a while since I updated the blog with any results of the past mapping/optimization class- mainly because I’ve put a lot of them into the EPFL/NYC IBPSA chapter presentation and didn’t yet get around to separate them out. The mapping/optimization case study I’m posting here now wasn’t included in said presentation- that’s why […]